00 Garage

Oh MY God, Oh My Gosh, Oh My Days, Oh My ‘Every other how can I make myself sound like I’m in a 1950s Ealing Comedy’ exclamation I discovered an amazing piece of brand nu music out record shopping yesterday. Need I say anymore than Bond theme meets UK G and you start to conceive the craziness I’m taling about but I must make clear…

ANGER MANAGEMENT’s ‘Qualifide‘ is not just a quirky and/ or funny track, it is amazing, and I still can’t understand why the bloke kicked me out for throwing some shapes, isn;t that what you do to make Monday afternoon’s bareable??

My other discovery was a promo from STUSH who featured on my favourite cross-over House track of last year the filthy basslined GA’s ‘Get Down’. Her new track has some growing to do on me b4 we can put it in that league my friend but it bodes well if this the start of solo album, something to brighten up the summer with those Caribbean basslines, anyone say Carnival?

nml x