Asian Disco

Fair dues Zane Lowe I’m on board with the musical sentiment of this week’s record of the week. The new FRIENDLY FIRES track ‘Paris‘ is a total stormer.

But whilst without a shadow its a cracking track worthy of your investigation t its not as good as the incredible DRUMSOUND and BASSLINE SMITH’s ‘Harder,Faster‘ which is an amazingly energised DnB version of the Daft Punk classic. I liked the Kanye version, I loved the Soulwax version, but this is the one I wanna settle down and have kids with, it is the one for me Mum. I’m even thinking of tweaking this week’s raving plans to include some DnB in hope I’ll hear this out, this is a tune that must be experienced with full bass!

Listened to Nihal flying solo last night where I heard a very mischievous version of BASHI’s ‘Black Boys’…. Step up KEYVEW and NIKA D with ‘Brown Boys’. Swap Black empowerment for Asian big-ups with a large piece of cheeky salt and you get the idea.

Now let me let you in on a mathematical formula that was new to me KELLY ROWLAND + FREEMASONS = Asian Disco??! I know it confused me too but it also grooved me. The FM boys have done a great job on Kelly but in a very different and innovative way to their normal predictable but very effective sound when they get hold of ex members of Destiny’s Child (musically speaking). Their mix of ‘Work’ is definitely in need of exposure to your ears.

On a very embarrassing but honest note I heard the new RHIANNA song and its really good. Much funkier that that dappy Neo track she’s currently got out, I don’t know what its called and quite frankly I don’t want to!

nml x