Would you fake luv for ur lesbian friend?

Another one of those really special bits of radio courtesy of Jon Kennedy, if only the rest of Xfm was like X-Posure it could again be the special station it once was. He had a chap in the studio called JENS LEKMAN who I must confess I’d never heard of before. He engaged in some fun, very honest banter and played a few acoustic tracks with one standing out a Scandinavian mile to me

Postcard To Nina‘ is ace. Its very different (which I like), its very funny (which I like), its just down right original and very good (which you and I love). In a unique narrative way (half talking/ half singing) he tells the true story of his lesbian mate setting him up to her parents as her fiancĂ©e (bare with me here) and even worse her dad ends up being a fan of his music! (obviously much more in the loop than me)

The other track standing out from Mr Kennedy’s show was the latest from HOLY FUCK. Been loving them on Brand Nu for quite a while now and their latest track ‘Lovely Allen‘ keeps up the musical momentum.

Away from the wireless and back on the dancefloor one track stood out like the awkward forty year old on afore-mentioned dancefloor… The SOUL WAX mix of JUSTICE’s ‘Phantom’. Immense and really quite special on a good system but when has a Soulwax remix been anything else? They make Robbie Williams sound good! (Guilty Pleasures admission time I actually quite liked the original Robbie version of ‘Lovelight’ so that was a silly and unnecessary jibe, apologies Robbie if you’re reading).

nml x