X X = Screwed

I am loving being absolutely deluged by quality tunes at the moment particularly on the urban and funky vibes, I just don’t know where to start so in true cop-out (and lets be honest slightly geeky) style I’m going to go throw my fav new tunes from the last couple of days at ya alphabetically:

AIM have got a real Giles Peterson chilled funk vibe to them and their new track ‘Birchwood‘ captures that perfectly. This tune’s got a real relaxed rolling funky break, the sort James Brown would have made if he’d been brought up in a middle class French family and not the rather harsher environment of poor racist America.

DELHI 2 DUBLIN have produced without doubt the most random (Hurrah our first random of 08!) track I”ve heard so far this year. ‘Get On the Bus’ is as the artist name implies, a fusion of Celtic and Asian sounds. I’m not even sure if I like it but its caught my imagination and challenged my preconceptions and sometimes that in itself is enough for a piece of music to have done its job.

I thought I’d mentioned JAN DRIVER’s ”Kardamoon‘ before but I can’t find any mention of it (Note to self.. need to get search feature) (Note to self.. need to find geek to help me do that) (Note to self..must stop calling geeks geeks, it doesn’t make them want to help you). This is a tune far too good to risk falling through the net so must share with you/ remind you that this is an amazing driving techno track layered with weird and fantastic Asian sounds that kinda ironically (considering that description) would be ace to drive along too, as long as there’s no traffic, that wud be lame.

If I hadn’t bailed out and bottled giving these tracks any priority SKIBADEE‘s new tune would probably have been top. ‘Tica Toc‘ knows exactly how to seduce me basing itself around a big phat funky sample. Its simple funk magic and I love it.

But what about lyrics? Well my favourite lyrical discovery of the week starts with not just one but two ‘X’s which means it is rather screwed on the alphabet vibe. Hopefully I can offer a small smattering of consolation by telling X X TEENS I think that their new track ‘How To Reduce Chances of Being a Terror Victim‘ is not only lyrical genius but totally spot on.

Have a fab week

nml x