Eric Prydz’s Annual Number One

The start of the clubbing year this weekend so all about dancefloor discoveries, lets put all the Lazarus House to one side (Laz House being tunes back round again after not quite making it first time around e.g. Beeper, Todd Terry’s Get Down (WC mix) and AVH’s I Want Your Soul) and focus on the Brand Nu (to me at least!).

Top of the pile for me this weekend just gone are a number of classic funky house numbers exhibiting not as you might currently expect a big electro tinge but instead a good old retro latino vibe, perhaps latin is to be the house influence of 08? All we need now is some bloody sun!

So first up big up in my ‘making January bearable list’ OSPINA + OSCAR P – U R My House (Javi Lopez Mix), closely followed by AARON PEREZ – Sinister Conscious’ (Hott 22 Mix) which is little surprise as I don’t think there has ever been a Hott 22 production which I haven’t always totally loved (are you getting the rather camp disco vibe of my Sat night destination?)

Now here’s a test… how many times can I say latest? The latest production effort by ERIC PYRDZ is his latest annual attempt to top the chart amongst all his other monthly moodier techier efforts and it is in itself the latest in a long line of efforts to breath house life into the latest Eurythmics Sweet Dreams bootlegs. Now lets be honest Eric knows what he is doing and his latest… SWEET GENESIS is a rather large if inevitably cheesy effort, could well go all the way.

On the non-house vibe but keeping the Perez connection I’m really loving ALIX PEREZ – ‘Crooklyn’ and also the dark but totally engrossing SOKO – ‘I’ll Kill Her’, good tune but defo one that’s all about the lyrics… good fodder if you’ve just been dumped by your girlfriend and you need convincing that all girls are rubbish and a just a little bit psycho!

nml x