Old Timers, Young Pups and the odd Goose

A couple of old timers are well and truly back on the scene threatening to do good things. And whilst the new ELBOW track ‘Grounds For Divorce‘ could yet prove to the goose’s one golden egg the fact SUPERGRASS have followed Diamon Who Ha watsit with the incredible ‘Bad Blood‘ promises great things for their album (or maybe they just squeezed out the two eggs)

From old timers to young pups we all loved MALAKI’s first musical effort in the form of Battle and they too are showing they should be given time to grow and develop and not simply be plucked for their succulent flesh as they’ve followed up Battle (it was Battle wasn’t it?) with the equally impressive ‘Snowflake‘.

Another set of young pups or if they are old pups I’ve never heard of them before and they should get out more are LYKEE LI with a really catchy and quite emotive tune called ‘ Little Bit‘. Heard this on Zane Lowe’s Fresh Meat feature at a vulnerable moment having just been bowled over by the mahoosiveness of the new NERD track, at that moment it just sounded so right. Welcome back Zipper!

nml x

ps The new BENGA track is pretty huge too