Went to a big old skool warehouse rave-up on Saturday and it was masher. However as great a dancing experience as it was it was rather low on the new music vibe but I did discover a couple of beauties both pre and post rave.

MY FEDERATION are a bunch of south coast indie kidz I’ve long had a soft spot for and I must confess I wasn’t sure if ‘Don’t Wanna Die‘ was actually a new track as it sounded strangely familiar. Such is the way with the early toddler dayz of new bands it could be its had a very limited train spotter/ groupies only release back in 1996 but its defo getting a proper full-on release next month. I heartily recommend you purchase it as it fabulous.

Speaking of sweets spots always been a big fan of the contemporary chilled funk of KRAAK + SMACK, the sort of sounds a really on it Eskimo teenager who knows his Ableton from his Fruity Loops would make. ‘Squeeze Me‘ promises big things for the next album and sounded fab on Tong on Friday night as I got the bus home… I know I lead such a rock’n’roll life.

Speaking of soft spots I’ve never heard of let alone had one for BO PEEP SHOW but I think I could well develop one, their tune ‘Horrorscope’ is top notch.

nml x