School Boy Errors and Seamless Mixes

SO many tracks to talk about but first a humble apology. Having reread some older posts (someone’s got to boost those page views) I realised I had not yet mentioned the awesome new BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE CLUB tune ‘Berlin’, if that is not the very definition of a school boy error I don’t know what is and with my schools years now passed I really should know better… I apologise humbly.

Heard some great dance tracks over the weekend and even got to drop a few myself and no I don’t know why DJs say drop either, if we actually did drop our vinyl I doubt they’d last very long and as for dropping a hard drive full of mp3’s well that definitely can’t be healthy. I guess the phrase ‘I lovingly placed on the technics and mixed it in seamlessly over 32 bars’ just doesn’t have quite the same ring to it does it?

Anywho… back to brand new electronic dance music I had an absolute love at first hear moment with the new DAVE SPOON track ‘L’atronica’, if you lived for Danny Rampling’s Love Groove Dance Party half as much as I used to this will bring back happy memories. Back to 2007 and The Sinden mix of AQUASKY – ‘Have a good time’ totally nails the sound that is getting me boogieing the most frenetically currently as are any of the numerous top notch remixes of THE GOSSIP that continue to fly around, particularly like the Linus Loves remix that Calvin Harris played on Friday night standing in for Pete Tong, and a half decent job he did too, I think after David Guetta Radio 1 realised having guests who’s first language is English is probably a wise move… genius.

Oh and speaking of MR Disco he also played his own remix of the MITCHELL BROTHERS ‘Michael Jackson’ which is a truly unique track… the streets meet disco via Birmingham, Glasgow and New York if you like.. proper random, very entertaining.

On the urban vibe been listening to 1Xtra quite a lot recently. Its always had a great rosta of specialist shows but during the day it really stands out as pretty much the only UK station that will regularly introduce you to new tunes you haven’t heard before the sun sets. A couple of tracks that really caught my attention and I’m hoping are new and not just me showing how out of touch I am with my urban roots are
CHARLENE DAS ‘Mr Dj’ and CHLOE ‘Feel like this’, the former is particularly funky which I’m guessing you’re starting to cotton on to is a great way to catch my musical attention.

Being an egalitarian follower of new music I should flag up a couple of indie gems. The new YEAH YEAH YEAH EP is out next week (I think) and I’m particularly liking ‘Swallow’ off that. Forget simply liking though I am grinning from ear to ear every time I hear the totally random (yes I do like that word and my mum does keep telling me off for using it) JAKOBINARINA – ‘This is an advertisement’. Forget being an advertisement this is a truly madcap piece of indie pop that made me giggle as much as it made my left foot tap, this is proper original music… just don’t listen whilst experiencing with anything mind altering as this could push you over the edge.