Whistles Are Back And Bob Sinclar Is No Where To Be Seen – Phew!

Tongy’s Essential New Tune is one of the most consistent record of the week features anywhere in world radio and this week’s is particularly cracking although that analysis may have been somewhat distorted by the fact I was very much in rave mode this weekend. Temporary musical distortions and biases to one side I think THE JUAN MCCLEAN’s ‘Happy House’ is a great track.

As is the fabulous Daft Punk cover courtesy of DRUM LESSON, their take on ‘Around The World’.

I’m no where near as certain about the new track from LAURENT GARNIER. But what with him being such a electronic dance music legend I feel I should draw your attention to the fact he has a new record ‘Back To My Roots’ on the way.

No uncertainties about my final musing, merely an assertion of certainty that if you are in anyway partial to a bit of whilstling in your music you will absolutely love the chilled out whistle along vibes of KENNETH BAGER’s ‘Fragment One’.

nml x