I’m Falling For Kate Nash

New stuff from THE ROOTS how exciting! My fav track heard so far is ‘Rising Up’ which is very, very funky. On the funky vibe also really feeling the vibe of WAREIKA HILL SOUNDS and their tune ‘Proverbs Dub’ which you can catch about 45 mins into Giles P’s most recent show.

Swap funky for out right dirty/ filthy and you have the new DJ HAZARD track ‘Machete’ which is one of those massive pieces of DnB that will smash any dance floor to pieces. The highest indication of the quality of this track is the fact I haven’t been feeling this kinda sound much recently, favouring the more liquid melodic stuff Jonny L-style, but this I’m lovin.

Back on the funky vibe even though I’m not feeling the single I really enjoyed THE ZUTONS session with Zane on Wed evening, defo worth checking on listen again.

Handbrake-turn away from the funk again I’ve just heard KATE NASH’s punk-tastic ‘Model Behaviour’. Pumpkin Soup started the conversion, come the end of the summer I think I could be a fan of the artist behind one of the most annoying lyrics ever. I need to lie down.

nml x