Erotic Ping Pong

Been quite a quiet week round my neck of the woods musically, not too many of those ‘ohh what’s that?’ moments, you know the new music lover’s equivalent to Archimedes Eurekaing out of his bath.

Hmm lets see got a couple of dance bits and indie bits that are definitely worthy of mention. AS much as any catchy bass or inspiring lyric its the swagger of DOES IT OFFEND YOU YEH?, THE ADS and OPERATOR PLEASE that appeals to me, really enjoying their latest tracks ‘Lets Make Out’, ‘Auto Pilot’ and ‘Ping Pong’ respectively particularly the later which has a real deep south drawl to it which for some reason I appear to find mildly erotic, did I just admit that out loud?

That swaggery dare I say slightly dirty or even toxic vibe has continued through into the dance tracks that have caught my ears this week. Really like the Switch remix of JACKNIFE LEE – ‘Making Me Money’ which I believe is actually out quite soon. Love what Punks Jump Up have done to REMI NICOLE’s ‘Go Mr Sunshine’ and this Piloski chap who did the Frankie Valli track is having a tres bon attempt at avoiding classic French one hit wonder status with his effort on KING CREOSOTE’s ‘You’ve No Clue Do You’ , both out towards the end of August.

Now I must flash or should that be simply dash? I owe you a TOP Three and I have a new friend arriving into the world of Brand Nu who needs to be collected from the airport.