1960s Free Luv

I think this new PLACEBO track is pretty big, and as they’ve always for me been a band that take a few listens I’m confident in a three days time I’m going to absolutely love ‘Battle For The Sun’. Download it now for free with the link below.

This new MR SCRUFF track is really doing things for me in that amazing considered, understated way only a beat under 100beats per minute can do. It just plods along (a really groovy kinda plod you understand) making you wiggle, shimmy and head nod. Really feeling ‘Nice Up The Function’.

TAME IMPALA’s track ‘Half Full Glass Of Wine’ has a definite certain something about it. Quite hard to put my finger on what exactly ‘it’ is. Bit like someone you fancy who is not conventionally good looking but they just have something that makes you wanna have their babies, albeit possibly a sensation that disappears after 24 hours. In fact that is it this has a very free luv 60s vibe about it!

Nml x


PLACEBO http://placeboworld.co.uk/freedownload/index.php

TAME http://www.vfestival.com.au/buzz/tame-impala-half-full-glass-of-wine-video/241.html

SCRUFF Bout 1h45mins in http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/zanelowe/