Psuedonym Tastic

WWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO and I thought DANNY BYRD’s ‘Red Mist’ track was good!!!! Out and about on Friday I heard ‘Gold Rush’ which, well maybe it was the whole hearing it in a club vibe, but it sounded immense and everyone else seem to agree demanding a reload. Big, big DnB tune massively endowed in lashiungs of funk, luv it!

I also love, and am happy to hear that finally, some FAKE BLOOD solo stuff is coming out, especially as its the amazing ‘Mars’. Besttest buddies with Sinden, Monte and all that lot and indeed quite possibly actually one of them as they are a bit psuedonym tastic the Dubsisded lot (I do realise the irony of that statement) if you haven’t had the pleasure of hearing this tune you can imagine very accurately the vibe of the track.

Another track that’s been about a while but I must confess being totally out of the loop on is JC and The FAKE RAPPER and their tune ‘Belly’ which is going to get an all singing, all rapping release on Virgin. Working that Electro Hop thing that worked so well for fans of Rolex’s this has got the potential to go Top 10. On JC’ Myspace you can also check his version of ‘4 Ur Ex’ mentioned way back on Brand Nu as well as the Stush track ‘Dollar’. This guy is on fire, I want to become his friend and nick all his production secrets ; 0 )

nml x