Keane, Prince and Township Funk

Well here’s an artist I never thought I’d be recommending and certainly in a way I didn’t think. Not only is KEANE’s new track rather catchy but it sounds like Prince. Now if I was suggesting you go out and purchase ‘Spiralling’ I could understand your apprehension but you can download it for free courtesy of their MySpace right now so nothing really to lose ey?

Absolutely no worries about heading you in the direction of the new BLACK TWANG track, just a warning to give it a couple of listens. There’s a real understated groove about ‘4 Tha Summer’ which could allow it to pass ya by on first listen, don’t let it happen friend!

I do love the random gems you can find watching Channel U and the like, and there are always a few especially if ur into ur Afro-beats as much as I am. Caught this track that does exactly what it says on the tin called ‘Township Funk’ by an artist called DJ MUJAVA. Thing is didn’t hear/ see it on an underground urban tv channel but on Xfm of all places! Jon Hilcock’s fabulous New Noise show about midnight.

nml x