New Underworld, New Danish Cartoons and the arrival of Boy Power

A Monday so all about the weekend and in particular all about Pete Tong who totally nailed Friday’s Essential Selection. Maybe I’ve just been having Tongitis, withdrawal symptoms from him being away so long leaving these guests of how shall we say? Umm very varying calibre?! To cover things but I really felt Friday’s show was on fire musically, so many great tracks and not just house, ok mostly house but not just just house if that makes any sense? Forgive me I think I’m still drunk.

Dya know what I’ve got to say the non-house element of the ES always makes me laugh. Its such a token effort, always the same time (bout twenty mins in), you can almost see the R1 boss standing over Tongy demanding he plays one ‘eclectic’ tune. A very brave boss I might add cause something tells me Mr Tong don’t take no shit! This week Pete was obviously feeling particularly ghetto as he played two urban tunes. First off the awesome MITCHELL BROTHERS track we mentioned a few weeks ago and then the awesome EXAMPLE track. It has to be said the ES definitely operate a quality not quantity policy on their non-house tracks because they are always of a very high standard. EXAMPLE’s new tune ‘I Don’t Want To’ is funky of course as it always has to be with me but it also has a very amusing lyric to it which conveys an experience all boys can relate too.. the nagging lady friend, check it out it’s very funny, Boy Power anyone?

Back to the four to the floor where to start? I guess it has to be the new UNDERWORLD track, yes that would be UNDERWORLD. I think I really like it but even if I didn’t I’d have to mention it for you to look out and make your opinion as they are such seminal artists for the dance music genre, its called ‘Crocodile’ and I’m asking you to join me in crossing toes and fingers and hoping a new album is on the way.

Not quite Underworlds league but another big house name making a return is TIM DELUXE who’s new track ‘You Got Tha Touch’ continues MR D’s ability to surf the crest of a half funky house/ half electro with some urban foam wave. Another white label that could hint an exciting new album to come not to mention the video.. I am still a big fan of his girls playing volleyball effort which kinda kicked off that whole run of house record promos full of semi naked woman. A phenomena which as much as I enjoy has confused me as it leaves nothing for the girls and in house you gotta keep the ladies happy, crikey I sound like Westwood.. what with him being such a house music legend and all!

Right going to mention one more track then I’m just going to leave you with a list that’s worth heading down your local underground record store (or even more underground border line legality website) and seeing if you can pick up. We’ve mentioned the perils for remixers taking on classic tracks in the past, more recently I think it was DIRTY SOUTH doing ‘Higher State of Consciousness’ and another very brave/ very stupid producer has taken on such a task. FUNK AGENDA have had a go at SASHA’s ‘Expander’ and I think it’s a damn good go but I know at least one raver who’s after them with the conviction and scary sounding voice of a Jihadist who’s just seen some new Danish cartoons, each to their own I guess.

Other tracks to check:


GROOVE ARMADA – ‘Love Sweet Sound’

THE SWEDES – ‘It’s True I Have An Umbrella’