I was absolutely sure I had mentioned the incredible ‘Swagger Like Us’, after all it samples one of my fav, fav, fav (and finally getting the props she deserves) artists M I A and yet the Brand Nu search feature is struggling to find a mention of the awesome effort from a collab made in HipHop heaven (rather more nightmarish if you’re sorting the artist rider), we’re talking TI, KANYE, JAY Z and LIL WAYNE.

Speaking of big names in HipHop one of the most commercially successful is back with his distinctive sound in tow. Can tell after about three beats that its new 50 CENT, I’ll get back to ya when I’ve found out the name cause I heard it on a pirate.

On the House vibe the stand-out by a mile is the new bootleg from MARK KNIGHT and FUNKERMAN. They taken one of the most famous HOuse music acapellas and laid it over a true House classic… Laurent Garniers ‘Man With The Red Face’, a huge piece of’Booty House’!

nml x