Shot In The Back Of The Head

My mate loaths the new MOBY track but I quite like, that said Moby has always been quite Marmity I’ve found, thing is my mate normally likes him (not sure on his opinions about Marmite). Its slow, trippy and does have an element of scatching a white board about some of the sounds. I like the guitar ntoes that sound like cries for help myself. Tis called ‘Shot In The Back Of The Head’ (nice bright track title then!).

GOD HELP THE GIRL is a great name for a band. One of those artists that you instantly want to like thanks to their linguistic brilliance. The first track up from this lot is the musical equivalent of the girl next door. Its sweet, pure, stringladen perfection that you’re slighlty worried about corrupting should you come into too intimate contact with it (and becuase its sooo pure you are genuinley concerned). ‘Come Monday Night’ is up on their myspace.

nml x