50 Cent on Xfm?!

A couple of tracks to point your way courtesy of about as diverse radio sources as you could imagine although both feature heavily the letter x… 1xtra and xfm being the stations in question.

I have Ace and Vis (not xfm) to thank for pointing out that 50 CENT can make great tunes and isn’t just one big marketing machine. I’m definitely in the KANYE camp as far as this album battle they’ve got going on. That said I’m feeling 50’s new track when LUDACRIS works his remix magic on ‘I Get Money’. On the guilty pleasures vibe they also played that NICOLE track I mentioned weeks ago which is surely going to be huge.

John Kennedy’s got a cracking tune of the week by a Norwegian artist called IDA MARIA, the lead track on what I think is an EP is ‘Oh My God’ and basically sounds like your other half having a rant at you with full backing from an indie band. Great energy although not necessarily positive so enjoy by yourself and definitely don’t let the love of your life hear it!

Jk played another cracker which I think was called 586 – ‘Rags and Riches‘ but I cannot find any info on it anywhere. So if your myspace searching abilities are more powerful than mine and you do find out something about this lot please share the luv : 0 )