500 Years To Make An Album?!

I’ve been feeling everything I’ve been hearing from this NASA lot and so it should be as the NME tell us they’ve taken about 500 hundred years making the album! My favourite track so far is ‘Gifted’.

Speaking of stateside New Music the new YEAH YEAH YEAHS track is in my humble opinion absolutely massive BUT it did take three listens to come to that conclusion. At first just like you perhaps I wasn’t quite sure about ‘Zero’ if it hadn’t been them I might not have had the patience (ok definitely wouldn’t have!) to realise the brilliance of Zero.

On a totally different vibe but still stateside I’m not scared to admit (Ok just a little bit) that I like this new BOBBY MOON track. I’ve never heard of him but he’s hooked up with AKON so there is clearly some cash/ belief knocking about somewhere. ‘She Got Me High’ is a real ‘freaky’ (as I believe the terminology goes) piece of RnB.

Nml x


YEAH http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bO4Qk_R1uos

NASA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AaKA2HKKqZw&feature=related