I have just found the most blissful pop tune you could ever hope to find on a Tuesday morning bumming around on You Tube (I’m wondering on reflection if I should change my terminology). “Pumped Up Kicks” is just the most delightful (naff word I know but so spot on for this sound) track you could ever hope to sing along in the sun too. Absolutely brill, respect for your music creating powers FOSTER THE PEOPLE.

And now for something completely different…. TIESTO v DIPLO – now there is a musical combination made in some seriously f!$ked up heaven. For it me it just about works and I can imagine it sounding absolutely massive when experienced in the club environment it’s clearly been made for, sadly my home kit ain’t quite up to Fabric standards. Check out “C’Mon”, preferably via some very phat speakers.

Listening to the new FUNERAL PARTY track via some phat speakers would without doubt deafen ya so whilst certainly a great way to go probably listen to this fab track on middle volume max. In your face Rock n Roll that might just break the current urban stranglehold on the charts. ‘NYC Moves To The Sound Of LA’ tis the track.