Fool’s Gold, The Neat and Anxieteam

FOOL’s GOLD are not as my mate thought a tribute act for The Stone Roses, bless him. A gazillion miles away from any sonic whiff of Madchester nostalgia they are a totally on it bunch of West Cost Americans more Amazon rainforest than Widnesian Spike Island.

Quite a big sound with significant lashings of Latina American influence they sound like they could be the musical result of a unknown Amazonian tribe descended from a plane crash carrying the whole Crocodile Dundee family. So many great tunes if forced to pick a fav ‘Surprise Hotel’ is getting the biggest response on myspace.

Not only do THE NEAT sound like a proper full-on rock’n’roll band they even have the tiniest hint of Electric Six about them which can only ever possibly be an AWESOME thing. All ‘Ode To Joy’ misses is a reference to the fun one can enjoy in one’s local gay bar and you’d have the perfect pop rock song.

‘Let’s Eat Soya’ by ANXIETEAM is lyrical genius. A comedic tirade against meat eaters and inspiring call to ethical manufactured arms for all vegys, all made on a Fisher Price recorder it would aurally appear. Amazing.