A Glorious Assualt On My Inbox

DOG IS DEAD are an unsigned band I picked up on a couple of summers ago. Been a while since I heard from the guys but they have just assaulted my inbox in the most wonderful way with new track ‘Young’. Promised not to share the mp3 but I do have got a link to a live version they did for their local radio station. Amazing song.

VILLA NAH are a brand nu band to me so thanx to my mate NMA (New Music Adorer) for pointing me in their direction. Yet Another Moshi Moshi discovery their new track ‘Running On’ is beautiful.

Now with the weekend having been enjoyed muchly it would be strange not to have discovered at least one dance floor destroyer. Sampling Earth, Wind and Fire in the phattest way imaginable ‘Forever’ has an incredibly euphoric and uplifting vibe about it. Props to JAMES TALK + RIDNEY for their work!




DOG: http://www.nottsunsigned.co.uk/category/future-sessions/page/3/

FOREVER: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YtZk8ystW_o