A humble little guide to the best Brand Nu Music caressing the ears of a DJ and you my fellow New Music lovers. We are only interested in upfront pre-release music, if it’s charted its history, passed it, yesterday’s news. That’s the philosophy behind Brand Nu but what was the catalyst?

I love DJing out and I’ve even done and continue to do a few bits and bobs on the radio which is musical nirvana for a chatty lover of New Music… play and talk about the music you love and no one can tell you to shut up (as long as you make sure you’re on late enough that the boss ain’t listening – hi boss!).

But not that many places will let you talk about let alone play the music you love so I started Brand Nu as a place where we could hook up and natter about the Brand Nu Music we both love.

Oh yeah and have the odd rant bout things too,

Let’s natter amigo…