Big In The Game

What more can I say about my latest hoard of musical goodies?

RIZ MC has absolutely nailed it with his new track ‘Hundreds + Thousands’.  A totally in your face simultaneously contradictorary and subtle sample that drills right in the epicentre of your cortex where it proceeds to squat till you die (and even then it’ll probably live on). The the video is slick and the lyrics sick, love the ‘you take the piss I’ll chop off your slong’ line, not that I’m condemning such cruelty to males – don’t get any ideas madam.

If you’re already an owner of THE DEAD WEATHER Album you’ve probably just got back from Rehab after two weeks of debauchery (probably in New Orleans and Vegas) inspired by one of the sleaziest sounding records of all time. ‘Blue Blood Blues’ is I suspect the track that pushed you over the edge, or at least that’s what you told the Judge. Absolute dirt, love it.

And keeping it filthy how bout some New Music from the Superheros of Dubstep MAGNETIC MAN? This is such a hyped project in the world of dubs and steps I don’t have the words to describe how excited my mate Liv is bout this. New track ‘Mad’ is indeed big in the game.