Adam And Eve Endorsed Fruit Inspired Bands

I’ve never heard of KYZA but I really like his track ‘Love & Music’, its got a nice, catchy, soulful vibe and I love the fact Nirvana get a name check!

EMPIRE OF THE SUN have been catching the attention of you, me and the remixers of the planet for quite a while now. But this is the first time I’ve heard a remix that rivals the original. Again on a more chilled tip I really like the trippy vibe of KOTCHY Remix of’ ‘We Are The People’.

Now would you Adam and Eve it another green fruit based recommendation (i hope u’ve observed quite how clever this line is!), for the second time in a month an artist called THE APPLES. This time from the US and not Israel but just as good if your partial to a bit of indie pop with a slighlty Liam G vocal twist. Everything on their myspace is worth an ear wrap me reckons.

nml x