ADELE – The Raving Capitalist

I’m about to spout a massive generalisation, ready yourself for a journey to stereo-type central… most musicians have a broadly left of centre view on life. Certainly more Labour than Tory, certainly more Robin Hood ‘tax the rich and give to the poor’ than Maggie T’s laissez faire each man (or handbag loving woman) to himself.

ADELE’s rant has got me wondering about this generalisation. Not as much whether it is true or not (I’m clinging to my stereotype like a toddler to their favourite pet panda), more as to what is the source of this left-of-centre streak throughout musicanity (see what I did there? Fused music and humanity. No please stop it).  Is it born not out of empathy? Out of a connection at the molecular level between musical talent and generosity? What makes musicians broadly disposed to sharing the love around (metaphorically and literally)?

Adele has made me wonder if musicians are traditionally left-of-centre actually because most of us in the music community haven’t got any money?! Spouting off secure that it will never be our large incomes being taxed and it will always be us benefiting from the services financed by the multi-plantinum sellers’ taxes.

I guess its easy to favour the redistribution of wealth when you don’t have any money, Adele’s rant show’s it’s a lot harder once you have some.

As for the rant itself, well my heart’s bleeding for her, isn’t yours?

Even if she really believes this, some one should tell her to keep her trap shut, I sense the UK’s fondness of Adele has dropped a few notches over the last 24 hours.

Hey who knows she might yet get her way and pay less tax, as we all stop buying her albums.