All Round Immenseness

I am, much to my surprise, really feeling the DAVID STARFIRE Remix of The Beatles ‘Come Together’. Surprised as like you I do consider The Beatles the original New Music Innovators and struggle to conceive how anyone can ever better their original. Well clearly they can’t but perhaps equal? In their own contemporary style??

No surprise about the all round immenseness (yes we are making that a word) of the new BENGA stuff leaking out. It’s a hard call but I’d suggest ‘Little Bits’ as the stand out track so far, but only if you’re threatening to push me in if I don’t.

MIRRORKICKS are a really exciting new band, got a slightly ‘Vampire Weekend if they grew up in South London rather than posh NYC suburbs’ vibe about them. Quite a few of the tracks on their myspace catching me ear if you’re threatening to push me in again I’d go for new single ‘Anything’.





BENGA (113 mins in):