All My Little Brothers Do Weed

I heard a ridiculously catchy and borderline cheesy (no doubt I’ll read this back in a few months and wonder I how I thought there was even any doubt) track in a number of discos over the weekend. Its taken a while to track it down due to the annoying artist’s habit of NOT naming a track after the stand out repeated about a million time lyric. Believe it or not the new LADYHAWKE track is not  ‘You Set Me On Fire but ‘Back Of The Van’. Great track, dirty stop out habits!

I luv what looks like it will be the next SWAY single. Totally random, kinda dark, definite groove, rapid lyrics oh and did I mention it is totally random? Check out ‘Jason Waste’. I love the ‘all my little brothers do weed line’… genius.

Keeping to urban vibes but getting a lot more dance floor Mista Jam is biggin up a particularly fabulous piece of DnB as his record of the week. He knows his tunes this boy I just wish he’d leave off the ‘his dog pissing on the floor’ stories! Check out ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE – ‘Days Of Rage’.

nml x