Amazing Music, F&*king Djs

So much good New Music enjoyed over a weekend that has left me barely able to walk. My natural luv of repetitive noises and a surprising amount of sun resulted in electronic beats dominating the weekend, I’m not sure where to start so will revert to that age old mantra… ‘when in doubt, funk’.

Its prob going a bit far to say the SHAPESHIFTERS have another Lola’s Theme on their hands, after all that’s in many people’s Top Tens of all time. But I feel quite confident they have their biggest track since Lola (yeh I know that big, Top 35 here we come) in the form of ‘Treadstone‘, awesome contemporary disco that once it’s laden with the compulsary vocal will penetrate the Top Ten… and if the sun comes out maybe even Number One… come on Sun! I’ll let you do the Bourne Ultimatum jokes.

Another funky tune (in the conventional sense, we’ll get onto unconvenetional shortly) is the VOODO CHILLI track ‘Get Down‘ which I was sure I mentioned but as I still haven’t cracked the word press search feature am struggling to clarify. Thank you to XFM’s Jon Hilcock for reminding of this DiscoOvaSight and big up too for what is evolving into one of the best radio shows in the land, petty its on Sat nights when we’re all out raving (New Noise 9pm – 1am Xfm Sat).

I’ve never understood why peeps talk of funk and hard as seperate musical phenomena, especially in house music. The latest case for the ‘why that’s so stupid’ prosecution is the amazingly dark, hard and funky CHRIS LAKE tune ‘Word‘, its the Geht Nocht of 2008 which will only mean anything to you if you like German pseudo-Techno, that’ll be a no then ey?

Meaningless comparisons to one side I’d like to highlight how quick I am in letting you know about the most up front tunes by directing you to Chris’s My Space where you’ll see only 56224 others have played it. In my defense I have been trying to id this tune for ages but only on Sunday was a dj friendly enough to honor me with 15 secs of their time to share the knowledge, f$&king djs ; 0 )

nml x