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It’s exciting when you find a new artist with like 57 plays on their MySpace. You feel vindicated in your role as a New Music Indiana searching those the online Amazonian Blogforest seeking out the best Brand Nu music.

Its also quite embarrassing and humbling when you hear a ‘Brand Nu’ artist, go on their MySpace and find not one but two of their tracks have had over ONE MILLION plays! Always first in the know me.

There’s something I can’t describe that I just like about FOUR YEAR STRONG, of the tracks on the MySpace I like the relative young pup (only 568 000 plays) ‘Beatdown In The Key Of Happy’ the most.

Another Brand Nu dilemma is the unverifiable track. You’ve never heard it before but its so random you can’t find out if its new or just an old track you’ve never had the pleasure of.  Giles Peterson is a nightmare/ legend (delete as appropriate) for these kinda tracks.

Check out his latest show for a fabulous cover of the Coolio’s ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’ (which I think was a cover itself) by a collective called Urban Latin Soul, their version of ‘Pastime Paradise’ is ace. And its available free too, Good Times!

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PARADISE free at