There’s a chance in the near future the fact my ears got to sample both AMBER and RHODES in one evening, in a tiny weeny venue, will draw a gasp or four. Both acts have oddles and noodles of potential. Yeah I said noodles, deal with it.

AMBER sound big, very big. A muscly athletic big, not an overweight obese fat arse big. The powerful and distinctive lead vocals complimented by a choral back line and some damn ass catchy tunes. I just said ass again didn’t I? Debut single ‘Noah’ contains arguably the most singalong word in the English language, linguistically N-O-A-H feels like a word placed on earth to be sung at full throttle with your arms wrapped around the one you love. And by no means is ‘Noah’ their only anthem, they’ve got more, one about ghosts and one about letting the light in, both sound like bone fide chart hits. Tracks that could achieve that rare thing of a guitar record getting in the Top Ten. Maybe that’s why youtube have placed a Capital FM ad pre the Noah vid? Chin stroke time…

RHODES. Well first off don’t let him near your Quavers, great that’s the Health and Safety out of the way. The next matter we must address is how many stunning tracks can he write? Two songs from the twenty minutes I caught really stood out, gloriously led by ‘Run’ which for me subtly oozes (can one ooze subtly?) sonic hints of Chris Isaak’s musical masterpiece ‘Wicked Game’.  No cliche I promise, there were moments during ‘Run’ where a sizeable percentage of my spinal chord was experiencing  some of those tingle thingys.

I believe I mentioned the desire to hug the one you love earlier in this post. ROUTE 94’s ‘My Love’ is a piece of melancholy infused House Music that could well stimulate such a desire. With Jess Glynne on the vocals this is a piece of four to the floor that could have been conceived with the specific intent of pleasing my dna, right up my electronic avenue. Love, love, love.