An Englishmen, An Irishmen and A Dubby Song


A total music fest this weekend has left me gagging to talk to you about three particular tracks. Without wanting to sound like I’m about to engage in telling you an Irish joke aka the old racist scoundrel in the corner down your local who still thinks its the 70s Men From Mars style… it involves an indie song, a dance song and a kinda urban, kinda dubby I’m not really sure song.


The kinda urban, kinda dubby I’m not really sure song I heard courtesy of Ras Kwame on 1Xtra. Doing his Sunday afternoon homegrown this is a true radio safehaven whilst practically every other station in the world is doing their version of top 40 nonsense. The track by BENGA really stood out amongst an already eclectic and diverse show as something a wee bit different and special. I must add the lack of sleep over the previous 72 hours may well have enhanced the appeal of the dubby vibe of ‘Coki Night‘!

Yes I did say 72 hours naughtily starting the weekend a day early and its not even term time. First heard on Thursday but only really truly registering its mammoth potential till Friday night is the latest ‘I know lets sample a funky classic and drop loads of squelchy electro beats over it and cross our fingers we can make a quick buck’ track. And I think they might just do exactly that but I am biased having always loved the Wise Guys original. Check out JAYMEN – ‘Oh La La’ (Barratt and Falconi Mix) which utilises the oh la la sample even better than Mickey Slim used House of Pain earlier in the year.

The kinda not really sure vibe also applies to an indie track which I know sod all about apart from the fact I really liked it when I heard it and wrote it in a smudge on my hand. Maybe you can tell me a bit more about FEATURE THE LEFT – ‘Small Bones‘? Like have I even got the name right?! Ooh while your at it same vibe with ME AND YOU – ‘Elephant Take Over’


nml x