An Experiement On A Bird In An Air Pmp

So much good music coming in now as the worlds musicians finally awake from their NYE hangovers. Still absolutely loving that Peter, Bjorn and John collab with Kanye that I posted over the weekend. Zane played it last night on his return from New Zealand, fair dues even when the other side of the world the man don’t miss a trick!

He did play a couple of tracks that were new to me that I thought I’d give you a heads uup on just in case you missed it. The stand out by a mile was the awesome ‘London Girl’ by a band called THE INVISIBLE. A bit like that new Jack Penate vibe this is a really trippy piece of indie funk, really loving the bassline.

Listening to Xfm last night I was introduced to my favourite new band name of the year so far… AN EXPERIMENT ON A BIRD IN AN AIR PUMP… great name and the track is great too so bonus! Check out the 75 high energy indie seconds that are ‘Lights Out’.

Out dancing over the weekend the stand out tune for me was the new JOAKIM Remix of DJ Medhi’s attempt to ‘chart by Eric Prydz association’ called ‘Pocket Piano’.

Nml x