An Eye For An Eye Leaves The Whole World Blind

A serious one today my friend.

Hate is a strange and clearly less than ideal human trait, ‘an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind’ and all that. In certain circumstances I guess its understandable. I can understand why people in America hated Bin Laden just as I can understand why people in certain countries aren’t massively endowed with good feeling towards the US.

What I really struggle to understand (and I promise I have put my empathy hat on plus set my ears to their highest ‘active listening’ level) is what you might call ‘arbitrary hate’. The situation where you don’t know someone but because of a certain random trait/ characteristic you hate them. I realise hate is a strong word but what other word can some up the emotion you feel about some one and their particular trait if you feel so strongly you want them to die?

Many are victims of such thinking… ethnic, sexual and (ironically) religious minorities. I say ironic as the believer who rightly complains of being the victim in one land e.g. a Christian in Afghanistan, can be the attacker in the other e.g. the vehement Christian condemning homosexuality. I haven’t heard many stories of ‘Evangelical Homesexuals’ or ‘Jidadist Gays’ though, have you?

Its bizarre and comically illogical. If you hate someone due to them being gay you are experiencing the strongest negative human emotion on the basis of “where an individual most likes to place their genitalia, in the privacy of their own home“. Crazy.

And how far do you take this arbitrary hate based on human generalities? Blacks and Whites, Christians and Muslims, all have been killed simply because of their ethnicity and/ or religion. How far do you take it? This rant has of course been stimulated by the Ugandan government’s desire to EXECUTE gays. Evolution hasn’t stopped homosexuality despite the clear potential for it do so (no children…), but Uganda is going to, one gay at a time!

What next? Will Argentina ban gingers? Will Sri Lanka announce the death penalty for anyone called ‘Trevor?’ Will Andorra take a moral lead and banish from our planet the horror of humans who dare to have one foot slightly bigger than the other?

I genuinely thought it must be April 1st again when I heard this, sign the petition now: