Annoyingly Catchy Tunes That Will Get You, Resistance Is Futile

It’s in danger of becoming my phrase of the summer… ‘I never thought I’d find myself saying this but’ so here it goes… ‘I never thought I’d find myself saying this but I like the new DJ IRONIK track. It still has the really annoying Akon-Esque high pitch thing going on in its frustratingly catchy chorus whilst the verse of ‘I Wanna Be Your Man’  has a good groove, you’ll be singing this in the shower I’m telling you.

I heard a tune I really liked on Xfm last night by a band I’d not previously heard of, so it put a wee smile on my face when I found out THE WEEK THAT WAS are signed to one of my fav labels Memphis Industries (Is it a bit geeky to have a fav label? Yes I think it probably is). But it did surprise me a bit to as the quite laid back vibe of ‘The Airport Line’ is a bit more chilled than I’m used to from MI tunes.

Now if I’m not mistaken we have the fresh sea air of the Brighton coast to thank for the the brilliance that is Memphis Industries and a lot of their artists. Well I wonder if they’ll have a go at signing up the very Bjork-Esque sounding (well to be exact the sound of Bjork if she moved to the countryside and started making organic jam all-day) THE MUMMERS and their very ‘under the duvet on a cold morningly snug’ ‘Wonderland’ which I slightly favour (random word I know but prefer seemed too strong) to the tune their MySpace primarises ‘March Of The Dawn (which sounds like being under a duvet in a tent on a German camping trip on a… no I’m going to stop this now).

nml x


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