Ass Pinching MP3s

 A band I just had to tell you about was THE NEW WINE and their track ‘Had To Tell You About’. The reason for my complusion was not solely so I could make bad puns but because they are a guitar based band who clearly have a decent disco collection… Funky Indie.. one of my fav if rather naff sounding sounds.

LONDON ELEKTRICITY’s New album is on the way and I’m sure you’re as excited about this prospect as I am. We’ve mentioned a few tracks that have leaked out (translation = been stolen by Fabio) and until now may fav had been the big, big, big sound of ‘Attack Ships’ but courtesy of MySpace may I now intro you to my new fav the really chilled and beatiful ‘Just One Second’. Here’s something you don’t either hear me say much or read about DnB… its a really nice song.

Nothing nice about TINCHY STRYDER’s new track with BLESS BEATS and JANEE. ‘Sex And The City’ is a big, brash, fun piece of tuneage. It really is the musical emodiement of raving bling, you cud imagine this mp3 prancing around a club bottle of Dom P in hand the other free to pinch the nearest cute ass. This might just blag it all the way from the underground to the charts.

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