Aural Monstrosity

A real ecletic threesome to share with ya this evening my friend

WILEY‘s new one has caught my ear. As is often the case with WILEY he’s hooked up with a number of others (is that KANO in there?) and is often the case its the funky vibe that makes you think he might have another cross over on his hands, he’ll need it as there are a lot of mouths to be fed on this record! Its called ‘I See Clear Now’.

D CODE’s ‘Glitterstep’ is an aural monstrosity (In a very good way) of the magnitude of yesterday’s mention Sukh Knight.  Seriously this puts the OOS into MAHOOSIV, big, big dubby kinda DnB track with Star Trek soundtrack type noises in the background with the odd really sublime blissful breakdown to provide some ying and yang to the messiness. Big up to Bobby and Nihal for introducing us to this track.

And now kids for something completely different. Heard this track out last night in this little club and felt an immediate compulsive need to high five the dj, luring him into a false since of stardom and then pounce on him hounding him for details on this track.

Its by a Norwegian artists called Diskjokke and whilst i really like vibe of this chilled out groover it is (as is often the case) one particular aspect of the track, ney not far off one note that really gets me. There is this high-ish pitched ‘daa, da, da’ bit that my ears found so addictive. Like the hi-hats in Stardust’s ‘Music Sounds Better’. Check ‘Folk I Farta’ out on Myspace to hear what I mean.

nml x



GLITTER Bout 61mins in