Avoiding Musical Train Crashes

It’s been all about tunes that make we wanna dance this week, to be fair its actually like that most weeks. First off… Sometimes you hear of musical combinations and you cringe awaiting the musical train crash and other times you think… yeh that’ll work.

That’s exactly what I felt when I heard a rumour there were some CALVIN HARRIS mixes of top band for 08 TING TINGS floating around. This excited me as I thought it might be the newest and cleverest record label stunt yet invented but sadly I must let you know they don’t actually float. But they do funk. Check out the CALVIN HARRIS mix of THE TING TINGS ‘Great DJ’.

Speaking of good house music but in a much more understated way I really like a white label I got my hands on by an artist called DUDLEY STRANGEWAYS and tune called ‘Misplaced‘. Heard a few of their tracks and this is defo the best so far. It’s very chilled but still has a real weight and presence musically, no fluffiness issues here.
Definitely not fluffy and certainly not housey but definitely funky is the new BABY J track. He’s one of those UK hiphop peeps that I’m sure if he was American he’d be massive, as it is he eats quite healthily I’m told and so is of normal weight. His new tune however is humongous and phat in the most overweight degree, check out ‘Wake Up‘.

nml x