I was fortunate to experience an incredible artist live the other night, AYANNA isn’t just a singer, a pianist or cellist, she is a musical innovator. This was a gig that had me in awe not just of the songs and the performance, but the unique ways in which they were conceived and delivered. There’s an element of YOAV about her work if you’re familiar with him and how he turns his guitar into a range of instruments (mainly percussive). AYANNA similarly challenges her Cello to earn its way delivering a performance that is as engaging visually as it is sonically. And ‘equality points’ to me for not referencing the fact she is beautiful, oops.

Out on Monday on 12” vinyl ‘Birthday’ by ILLUM SPHERE has been my favourite piece of electronic music this week. It is a really dubby piece of filtered House music that may well pass you by but connects perfectly with me, it’s as if it is tuned in to the exact frequency/ vibration of my current body mass index score. I could dance to this all night long, and probably will at some point.

CORIN TUCKER may well sound familiar; she is/ was the lead singer in SLEATER-KINNEY. Establishing fact/s to one side she’s in great voice on ‘Groundhog Day’ sounding incredibly feisty (the kind of vibe that excites and scares in equal measure), here’s a set of vocals chords you would not want to have an argument with over song writing royalties, or anything else for that matter.





AYANNA: None of her tracks are yet available online (that I can find).

ILLUM SPHERE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XUc09cRH6xw

CORIN TUCKER: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sXnE0UAzQLQ