Bad Bad Bird, Lindstrom and Prins plus Kid Kudi

BAD BAD BIRD appear to be about as off the radar and undiscovered as you can get, I can’t imagine that will last that long. Apart from anything else there’s about a million of them so they just need all their mums to buy their track and they’ll be number one for sure.

Their music and band personality fight each other to see who can be more quirky whilst out and out catchy pop melodies (and funky basslines) end up keeping the peace and proving the true star of the story. And I haven’t even mentioned the singer wearing his pjs…

All their myspace tracks are fab, ‘Marco The Ripper’ possibly the most fabulous.

I love how the LINDSTROM AND PRINS THOMAS Remix of The Chemical Brothers ‘Swoon’ has totally transformed it. As you know I liked the track in previous guises, the fact it can be transformed in so many ways for me shows what a great track the original was. Like the considered, slower funk vibe of this remix, Aeroplane style if ya will.

I’m not a fan of the idea of artists making tunes specifically for corporate brands but if that’s the only way ya can pay the bills I won’t hold it against ya KID KUDI, especially if they are all great like ‘All Summer’ is.