Bam Bam Bam Ba Ba Ba Bam

Feelgood track of the weekend, so infectious it’s guaranteed to transport me back to this weekends fun and frolics instantly for ever more is the fab, catchy  and fun ‘My Boulder’ by the unknown to me THE KING BLUES.

On a totally different vibe but just as infectious to my ears is this week’s Tim Westwood POWERPLAY. With more than a hint of that Snoop Dog ‘Drop It Like Its Hot’ vibe this track has an insatiable groove driven along by some subtle but irresistible bongo beats.. bam bam bam ba ba ba bam, bam bam bam ba ba bam

And finally what I sense may prove a very uncool admission as I’ve ony heard it dissed so far but I really like the new Bond Theme, there I said it. JACK WHITE and ALICIA KEYS (I’m already a fan with that artist hook-up) have done a great job of tweaking the the classic Bond Theme vibe just like watsit-his-name-blondie has tweaked (and twisted) the role of Band himself. ‘Another Way To Die’.

nml x



POWER bout 25mins in