Beach Boys Chatting Up Girls During Kindergarten

I really like the ‘Beach Boys chatting up girls during Kindergarten’ feel of this MAGIC KIDS track ‘Hey Boy’.  They’re all over that SXSW thing in Texas at the mo, no doubt bringing some feel good coastal vibes to land-locked Texas. Hang on Houston is actually…

Caught B DOLAN live supporting linguistic gymnasts Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip. The joyous experience that is catching an artist you’ve never heard of and ending their set a convert, this man is an awesome live performer. And he plays Eye Of The Tiger mid set whilst stripping-kinda, what’s not to love?! Lots of New Music goodness on his myspace, ‘Earthmovers’ prob the stand out.

From US rappers to UK there is a growing amount of hype around GIGGS. Will he do a Dizzee and cross over? Well I certainly don’t see him doing a Chipmunk. Chilled AND In-Your-Face, lyrically Cutting AND Tender (almost), Swaggertastic and Humble (ish). ‘Cat Dragged In’ sums up that ridiculous summary.