Beck Is A Musical Legend

If you’re really up on your game and are already familiar with SNEAKY SOUND SYSTEM you want be surprised to hear it was love at first sight for me and ‘Pictures’. Upbeat funky, slightly squelchy, slightly off-kilter pop that just makes your ass cheeks spontaneously combust. I realise that sounds really wrong and feel the need to clarify that I most definitely mean in an ass wiggling boogie type context, thanks for allowing me the time to make that clarification.

Heard one of those mystery tracks which you come across every now and again. Heard this great tune wed night, found out from the dj it was a new MJ COLE track called ‘Take It Slowly Now’ or so he said. I cannot find any info on it anywhere! Please help a real confused New Music Lover. It was a great track or at least that’s what my rose tinted memory is telling me, you can never be too sure about three in the morning memories ; 0 )

New tunes from two of my more favourite bands hit my ear drums over the last 48 hours. I must admit I’m a little scared about the new CSS material. There was something very late 2006/ early 2007 about them and I’m unsure they can bring it into the world that is mid-2008. That said ‘??’ sounds like a decent start, yep need to establish the name of this one too!

THE RAPTURE tune is not actually going to be released as I understand it, apparently its only available on Grand Theft Auto 4 on one of their radio stations… now that’s a station I wanna be able to tune in to! That way I might get to hear ‘No Sex For Ben’ a bit more often.

Also enjoying the new SIGUR ROS -‘Gobbledigook’ and BECK track called ‘Chemtrails’. Beck trully is a musical legend.

nml x

PS Just listening to Jules standing in for Tong and he played a really funky motown flavored piece of hiphop called ‘Something Came To Nothing’ by DAB HANDS . Its really good and almost makes up for the dodgy Daft Punk remix he is currently playing!