For the first time in five years I’ve really lost my blog writing modjo, I can only apologise and yes I am going to bore you with some excuses. I’ve moved which whilst demanding in itself also means I’m now in a new place and I still haven’t got any internet. I have also been totally addicted to the Olympics, not since the womb have I listened to less New Music so fascinated was I by the quarter final of the Woman’s handball not to mention the final sixteen of the 67kg taekwondo. And as for the Dutch hockey girls, Mama Mia.

So this feels kinda therapeutic, facing up to my failings, admitting my issues at ‘failing to keep my blog updated anonymous’. I hope you can forgive me and we can get back into this. Let’s start on a quality not quantity vibe with the stand out piece of New Music of the last few days, the new single from EVERYTHING EVERYTHING. The first eight bars are particularly immense:

‘Cough Cough’: