Brilliant, Innovative Leap Forward? Or Self-Indulgent, Pompous Crap?

MGMT have been dividing peeps with their new material, and no one has felt more cut in half than me. Brilliant, innovative leap forward? Or self-indulgent, pompous crap? Well there’s at least one tune floating around out there that has a classic ‘MGMT Single’ massiveness abbot it. Lets forgot the debate and simply enjoy ‘It’s Working’.

CARIBOU ‘Odessa’ is a track I’ve really enjoyed hearing out a couple of times without being able to identify (moody djs, grumpy ‘on guard’ bouncers etc). Thanks to Xfm legend John Kennedy for doing the honours via his X-posure show. Real nice late-night groove on this one.

Speaking of JK he also introduced me to CULTS. Phonetically quite a harsh sounding name that’s in total contrast to the softness, uplift and childish innocence vibe of their awesome track ‘Go Outside’. They should prescribe these in mental asylums. That said I haven’t listened that closely to the lyrics yet so hold that thought for a mo…