Britney Spears does DnB??

You got love any tune with the lyric ‘you make my knickers warm’. Especially when the band mischiefly call themselves BROWNIES, is this furious piece of indie pop a true insight into what goes through the mind of clearly not so innocent Brownies? I hope not that’s just wrong. But their new song ‘Secret‘ is so, so right… in a very wrong kinda way.

Also kinda twisted but thankfully free of any dodgy pre-pubescent sexual implications is a Britney Spears sampling piece of drumNbass. Just to clarify it may not actual sample Britney it probably just samples the same thing whichever producer who wrote the track for Spears used. Either way the tune is rather immense and quite funny too which by now you know is a musical combo I’m rather fond of. Big up to ME AND YOU and their track ‘Arnie vs Gandhi‘.

nml x