Carnival – I blame the parents

One phrase for you and also implicitly one very clear excuse why I’m only making my first post of the week on Wednesday… Notting Hill Carnival!! It was absolutely amazing, what a way to lose one’s Carnival virginity. It was the musical party equivalent of losing your actual virginity on your 16th birthday with Swedish triplets celebrating their 21st, absolutely awesome although I should add Carnival lasts a bit longer than 7 seconds.

If like me you have really good reasons for not having been before like a certain festival along the M4 and up the M1 next year just take the fucking plunge, sacrifice the rock and embrace the streets of West London. It is a truly amazing, liberating and uplifting party experience. You’re probably gathering I quite enjoyed it!

One issue I did have though was a lack of new music. I expected an established street party like this to be a bit more innovative musically and whilst there was a huge array of different sounds and genres the desire to please the crowd immediately and the intense competition for the mingling crowds seems to mean everyone plays big hit after big retro hit be it a reggae one, funk one or house one.

That said I did get to hear QQ’s ‘Stookie‘ once which you know I love. That in itself made my day and some of the dance moves being pulled off by the eight year old next to me shamed me greatly (and probably her mum too if she could have seen what that young lady was doing with her hips!). And I did discover a new tune or two its just that the details are a bit sketchy, I think I heard a new track from ESTELLE (purely from recognising her vocals) and it sounded quite good but hey it was sunny, I was dancing in the streets surrounded by happy people so Timmy Mallet’s Yellow Polka watsit would have sounded funky.


Being in London I had to take advantage of the chance to indulge in some conventional under a roof surrounded by moody bouncers type raving and in that world I did discover a couple of new house tracks. I can’t yet decide whether DAVID E SUGAR’s ‘Oi Oi New York This Is London’ is inspired or just lame, it’s kinda like a mash-up both musically and of intent of Scott Garcia’s London thing from back in the day and Mr Le Grande’s Hands Up malarky. Rob da Bank actually played it on his show too in the process introducing me to a new SCROOBIUS PIP track which I really enjoyed, leaving Dan alone briefly he’s teamed up with VILA (I’ve no idea either) for ‘When I Grow Up I Want To Be An Astronuat’.

I still need sleep