Chelsea Girls

Its borderline in its Brand Nu credentials buy hey its for charity so lets go with it. Get your ass to your download site of choice and buy the vibrant cover of ‘Temptation‘ by BETH DITTO and JARVIS COCKER, its immense in its energy and vibe.

THOMAS TANTRUM has a pretty good energy and vibe too although young Thomas has a very high voice for a boy ; 0 ) Featured on Zane’s Fresh Meat on Monday and totally robbed when only coming second. Check out ‘Swan Lake‘.

I loved SONNY J’s last track and whilst ‘Enfant Terrible’ hasn’t grabbed me as immediately I think its got potential to grow, more marriage material than mistress if that makes sense.

DAVID E SUGAR however has both grabbed me immediately and exceeded his previous success. ‘Chelsea Girls‘ has the groove, it has the dirt to tar any Sloaney’s little black dress and is spot on lyrically, should be the theme tune to Red Ken’s re-election campaign!

Away from the dirt of Mr Sugar are the delightful vibes of LITTLE DRAGON. Check out their awesome session about an hour in to Rob Da Bank’s R1 show.

Finally got to tell ya that NICK CAVE’s musical return is sounding mighty exciting, check out the not quite dirty but defo unclean groove of  ‘Dig Lazarus Dig‘.

nml x