Chilled, Sleepy And Seductive

Love the quirky, bleepy, ‘more than hint of Cerys from Catatonia bout the vocal’ vibes of MUCHUU’s ‘Somebody Tell Me’. A really distinctive piece of indie electronica. And the singer is hot, which is a bonus, if experiencing the track via a medium that offers some visual indulgence.

The original hasn’t been flicking any beans for me but the CALVIN HARRIS Remix of Estelle’s ‘One Love’ is pretty tasty. Yet to hear in a club but can imagine it doing the euphoric business as the strobes go into overkill.

And when you finally make it to the after party the more discerning host will for sure have the amazing BISCOPE BOOT Remix of Erykah Badu’s ‘Didn’t Cha Know’ on the go. So chilled, sleepy and seductive, guaranteed to get that hotty you’re after naked, only worry is will they fall asleep before you can get down to business?