Chipmunk Funk

KANE’s ‘Watch You‘ is am incredibly funky track with that weird ‘delayed funk’ feel that you often get with hiphop tracks that have a really slow bpm, you half want the dj to speed the record up but Chipmunk vocals are never a good look (should that be sound?) . Humble apologies for not sharing with you before, I’d written Kano in my little black book and got

Keeping it on the funky vibe I love so much heard a track by an artist called THE TONGUE over the weekend. The name does stimulate all sorts of thoughts of sleazy Hefner-disco sounds but actually ‘Real Thing‘ is a really happy almost Gospel-esque soul tune that puts a real wholesome ‘butter wouldn’t melt’ smile on your face. Good subliminal message infused audio next time you’re in trouble with the other half!

Enjoyed later in the evening as the eve turned to morning a friend introduced me to a band called LIKI (metaphorically you understand, Liki didn’t randomly turn up on our after party doorstep) and their beautiful track ‘Little Bit‘. Its sugary, its poppy, its defo still indie and it sounds great at about six in the morning. WARNING! In the best possible way it may well just send you to sleep, a lovely blissed out sleep yes but not a good thing if you’ve just reached the home straight with a ‘new friend’ if you get my drift.

nml x